Who we are

At AFOS, short for Attraction Film of Sweden, we produce moving content such as commercials, brand films and feature films.

We are a proud team consisting of directors, producers, creatives, coordinators and more. All working towards the same goals:

Premium. Trustworthy. Personal.

We’d like to think we do things a bit differently than most companies in the way we work, the way we think, and the goals we strive for. 

Brand Book

Our core values and visions at AFOS are what all team members should aspire to, and that automatically creates a certain culture.

We have created a Brand Book with the purpose  to align everyone in our daily work, and to get everyone pointing, working, and thinking in the same direction.

Externally it enables AFOS to attract the team members and clients that matches our values.

Internally it exists to solidify who we are as a company. To make it clear what we value at AFOS.

Below some featured snippets.


Our promise to our clients is a premium and personal experience. From pre-production to post-production. A service and product that matches or exceeds all expectations.


We aim to be the obvious go-to company when choosing a provider for moving content and brand positioning in following regions: South of Sweden, Denmark and Germany.


  • We provide “best in class” productions and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our clients.
  • We make conscious and eco-friendly choices when planning and executing our productions.
  • We develop positive relationships. We provide our clients with good feelings and vibes. They thank us by staying with us, as well as telling their friends about us.
  • We make things happen every day. We are effective as hell, because action trumps all.
  • We keep it reel!

View the complete Brand Book in the pdf below!


  • It’s easy for an organisation to rest on its laurels. To ease up on the throttle when things seem to be stable and safe. We don’t want to be that company and we should all try to avoid this at all costs.
  • To us, stagnation and failure to adapt are what kill companies. So we want to always have ambitious goals that we aggressively strive to achieve.
  • Slowing down is like gravity in many ways, you constantly have to fight it. We should constantly be pushing for progress.

View the complete Brand Book in the pdf below!


  • Thinking too small can easily hold us back. Challenging limiting beliefs is important. When we think large scale, we make very different decisions. 
  • We try to avoid being tempted by small projects, quick wins, and instead keep our eyes on the big ball, staying true to our big picture strategies. 
  • It’s natural to evolve and grow. We adapt and we move forward. For us, unconventional ideás, solutions and business models are critical for growth.

View the complete Brand Book in the pdf below!


  • We want to provide teammates with a direction on where we’re going, not micromanage decisions on how to get there. This requires a lot of trust and is something we should strive to be better at every single day.
  • At AFOS everyone knows who is responsibly for each task. This is key for a smooth and hassle free workflow. But, everyone is highly motivated to dig in and help out with any task, at any given time of a project.
  • Freedom and responsibility are both equally important at AFOS.
  • Yes we are up-to-date and know our current positioning, but we don’t care too much about the competition or what other companies in the industry are doing. Instead, we constantly doing our own thing striving to improve ourselves way past the bar. We don’t settle, we don’t limit ourselves, and we wanna be the best. 

View the complete Brand Book in the pdf below!


  • We build ideas on insight and data, but of course, sometimes we just make things looking fly and cool.
  • We try to always acknowledge what we don’t know, and what we don’t have experience with, and act accordingly. We gather as much intel as we can from everyone and everywhere, filter it, and attack the issue at hand the best we can, full speed. No regrets, but carefully planned.
  • That means efficient decision-making by those who are closest to the project.

View the complete Brand Book in the pdf below!


  • Our visual identity is our trademark, a set of all visual and material characteristics of our product, service, idea and company, which makes it distinct and creates a uniform visual unity of all elements. 
  • When it comes to our digital presence, we must pay equal respect to our visual identity, as to usability. Good design can never be neglected in favor of usability. Usability can never be neglected in favor for good design. If we only have an appealing graphic identity, which isnt user friendly, its worthless. Good design and usability needs to go hand-in-hand. 
  • Consistency across all touch points is key for obtaining a competitive advantage that speaks to our market.

View the complete Brand Book in the pdf below!

view the complete brand book as a pdf






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We work with clients from all segments such as automobile, sports, fashion, healthcare, interior, food, travel and more.

We are a high-end production company based in Sweden, producing moving content such as commercials, brand films and feature films. We Express, Emote , Connect and Convey ideas and stories with targeted audiences. We deliver nothing else than bespoke premium quality productions with a personal touch.

AFOS consists of a proud team of directors, producers, creatives, coordinators and other skilled crew members. All working towards the same goals:
Premium. Trustworthy. Personal.


Isolatorvägen 11
291 62 Kristianstad


Drottningtorget 2b
212 11 Malmoe


info (at) attractionfilm.com


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Head of Productions
Pana Mogren

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Andreas Troedsson

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Fredrik Stiber

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Amanda Sörensen

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